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Assalamualaikum,hi. Ermm, actually it was my first time visiting that blog but I kinda love it because of the simplicity concept the owner had to her blog. Hihi, you can click the banner to read the random question J.lo had answered. And, she also prepared few random questions for us. 

Let me response eh, but firstly, pardon my bad English. lol.

1. A picture of yourself

2. What would I find in your bag?
-My empty purse, but I always have to bring it for the sake of driving license and purse. 
-Perfume because I love to smell fresh all the time.
-Basic make-up kit (lipstick, compact powder, eyeliner) for a quick touch up especially after solat or meal.
- Pen and notebook. Crucial for brainstorming activity, taking a note, or just to list something I'll need to do later. I never used to write a note in my smartphone, I don't know why, but I found it easier to just have a small notebook with all to-do-list. Perhaps, because I am a 50 y.o lady trapped in 23 y.o girl body. Hahaha.
Typical lady handbags, cause it weighed almost 5kg,Hahaha. 

3.  Last song I listened to:
Amy Winehouse song - You Know I'm No Good  

4. Fav things to get at a restaurant?
Nasi goreng seafood extra pedas and teh ais.

5. First five songs in shuffle.
Sing Me to Sleep - Alan Walker
If You Want Me - Once
Sejati - Faizal Tahir
Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
Do lafzon main likh di - Aiswarya Rai (kot,erk)

6. What I want to be when I'm older?
A happy person with nothing to regret.

7. 5 Facts about me?
- I'm a hyperthyroid warrior.
- I'm addicted to the smell of books.
- I'm a lefty, so I can always eat while writing, hewhewhew.
- I'm easy to forgive people, forget the mistake, and forget the person that done me wrong too, forever and ever. hahaha.
- I'm a lone ranger. 

8. Top 5 Favourite books.
    1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
    2. Mereka by Ariff Adly
    3. Kasihku Abadi by Shanika Latisha
    4. Annie May's Blackbook by Debby Holt
    5. Laki Aku Negro, Kau Peduli Apa by Hayya Bilal

9, Something I really,really want right now?
A stable job. 

10. What I did yesterday.
I went to Gintell and try out all their massage chair for 20 minutes each. HAHAHA. True story, at Gintell Tesco Kulim. 

11. Have you ever liked someone and never told him? Why?
No. I told him but then he rejected me. (Jangan gelak eh).Nevermind, now I have my own die-hard fan. Kehkehkeh.

12. Battery Percentage right now?

13. Recommend three blogs?
If you love books review or searching for creative and cute things idea and also many others tips for life or blog, I'll recommend you Eecashyaa.

For many tutorials for blogs and cute freebies, I'll suggest you follow Rrai's blog. 

For beauty tips? Here you are, NerdPotato or Erin Azmir

14. I wish I had someone with whom I could share...
I have that someone whom I can share everything, hehe.

15. A quote from someone you know?
You can achieve what you believe, or what you believed you can achieve, errrr, something like that. My primary school teacher once told me that.

16. If your life was a novel, what would the title be?
Psycho Sweetheart.

17. Which gives you the most pleasure; giving presents or receiving them?
Both give me pleasure, but giving presents gives the most pleasure by watching the person you love genuinely smiling out of happiness.

18. Screenshot your desktop


Eh okaylah, 
Will write again soon.


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Gee Lion
10/08/2016 10:06 PM ×

Mak aih, kemasnya dekstop awak.
Siap berkategori lagi..
Cubalah saya screenshot dekstop saya sekarang..
Malu nak tunjuk..

Noor Maizan
10/09/2016 2:01 AM ×

Gee Lion: Hahaha terpaksa buat kategori sebab sy ni jenis suka sumbat semua kt desktop...

10/22/2016 9:12 AM ×

I didn't check my blog so long long time, so I'm just notice this, sorry~ awh, this is sweet, thankyou for answering